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December 12th 2019

Pol-Mare to rescue the plane in Botswana

Pol-Mare have recently coordinated an Aircraft on Ground (AoG) shipment of special aeronautic lifters for raising an Embraer E190 aircraft stacked in Botswana.

The elevators were necessary for urgently repairing the plane and an extremely fast delivery was required. The challenge for the shippers was to find a transport supplier able to undertake the task moving the cargo to such a remote corner of Africa.

We built special size pallets because the lift leg spacing was over two meters. We organized appropriate packaging, transport in Poland and shipment to PGF Consultants from South Africa, which undertook joint customs service of goods and delivery to Air Botswana – remarks Tomasz Broda, Pol-Mare Warsaw Branch Deputy Director.

Pol-Mare has a network of proven agents around the world and PGF is such a company. They did an excellent job delivering goods in a short time, despite the holidays and long delays on the border between South Africa and Botswana.

The elevators got safely in place and right in time for the aircraft to be repaired.