Pol-Mare Customs Agency

Comprehensive customs brokerage services

What we offer?

  • Import and export customs clearance, transit services, and AE302 document clearance.
  • Issuance of EUR.1 documents and other Shipping Certificates (Certificate of Origin and ATR).
  • Preparation of applications and obtaining Sanitary and Quality Control Certificates, FITO certificates.
  • Issuance of INTRASTAT declarations.
  • Customs clearance for individuals, including household relocation.
  • Representation of clients before customs authorities and other government agencies such as WIJHARS and GIS.
  • Customs declarations in accordance with Article 33a of the Value Added Tax Act (VAT settlement in declarations).
  • Possibility to secure customs and tax liabilities in imports and transit.
  • Customs services at seaports and airports.
  • Handling of TIR and ATA carnets.
  • Economic procedures (passive enhancement, active enhancement, temporary clearance).

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